Technologies we work with

(Not an exhaustive list.)

Programming Languages

Python is the language we use most.

We also have substantial expertise in C/C++, C#, Java, MATLAB, Lisp, Scheme, and JavaScript.

Other languages that we have worked with include Ruby, Haskell, bash, PHP, Perl, and Visual Basic.



We have significant expertise in Linux, including systems programming (things like sockets, process control, IPC, threading, epoll, etc.).

We can do Linux system administration, server configuration, etc.

Scientific Computing

We have expertise in math, physics, machine learning, signal processing, 3D graphics, and computer vision.

Tools we're familiar with: IPython, numpy, scipy, pytables, matplotlib, MATLAB, HDF5, LaTeX, OpenCV, VRML, Open Dynamics Engine, TensorFlow.


Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, redis

GUI Toolkits

Qt, GTK, WxWindows, WinForms.


Excel, Intel RealSense, SNMP, MIDI, git, Emacs/Elisp, Subversion